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The Female Accent →

I recently made a web site for The Female Accent. We’re an independent improv troupe performing in and around Washington, DC. I hope you’ll check the site out, particularly if you’re in the DC area.

The site is hosted at Tumblr. If you’d prefer to follow us via other networks, we’re on Twitter and Facebook.

Michael Tomasky, for The Daily Beast:

When George Preston Marshall died in 1969, he left some money to his children but directed that the bulk of his estate be used to set up a foundation in his name. He attached, however, one firm condition: that the foundation, operating out of Washington, D.C., should not direct a single dollar toward “any purpose which supports or employs the principle of racial integration in any form.” Think about that. This was not 1929 or 1949. Even in 1960 such a diktat might have been, well, “understandable” in a Southern city such as Washington then was. But 1969; “in any form.”

This is the man who gave the Washington Redskins their name. He was one of the most despicable racists in the American sporting arena of the entire 20th century. He thought Redskins was funny, just as he thought the war paint and feather headdress he made the head coach wear were funny. And this is the legacy that current Redskins owner Dan Snyder wants to uphold?

I Enjoy This & I Enjoy That →

Two things I like collide: the Washington Nationals’ Presidents Race and HBO’s Veep.

Let Teddy Win →

One of my favorite ongoing stories while I lived in the Washington, DC area: the ongoing plight of Teddy Roosevelt in the Washington Nationals Presidents Race.  Click the link above to view an E:60 piece on Teddy and company.  What fascinates me about the Presidents Race is how indicative it is of the Nationals’ own team philosophy of delayed gratification.  Whether it’s Teddy’s races, Strasburg’s arm, or Bryce Harper being plunked by a pitch, the Nationals seem not to take delight in any success now, focusing instead on what success might look like in 5-10 years.

I can’t tell you how many “Teddy’s going to win!” false alarms there have been over the years.  I was even in the ballpark for a few of them.  I’ll be interested to see when they do let him win — if they ever.

Sex, Gender and Culture

I graduated from American University in May, but apparently am already out of the loop when it comes to school news.  Thankfully, Jim Romenesko rounds up relevant links on a “story” about an anthropology professor who was breastfeeding her sick child on the first day of class this semester.

While there’s much that’s infuriating about this story, at least it resulted in such a fine piece by Adrienne Pine.  I also hope the young reporter walks away having learned something, whether  now or in the future.  She was failed by countless media pieces that taught her to approach stories this way, and by editors who only urged caution when she was already in too deep.

Conventional Wisdom and Stephen Strasburg →

A good piece on the misguided wisdom behind the Washington Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg.  I’m not surprised this is happening — the Nationals always struck me as incredibly cautious in the way they conduct business.  What surprises me is the number of Nats fans jumping to defend the plan.

There seems to be great folly in trying to predict what will happen in a few years, particularly in sports.  I say this not only because of the potential for injury, but because Strasburg is represented by the most ruthless agent in baseball.  I bet he’s not only trying to protect a future record-setting salary, but also trying to protect his client’s ability to enter the open market healthy — all the better to drive up the bidding.

I’ll be interested to see what happens — not only to Strasburg and the team, but to the fans.  Will they regret not seeing their best possible team in the most important games of the year?  I know I will, and I’m not even a Nats fans.  I root for their rivals, the Phillies.  And so it makes me wonder: how is it I that feels cheated, and not them?

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