Leap 1: Changing Opinions

The first month after your President’s inauguration is a special time when you will observe him tweeting rapidly and will begin to get to know him and learn all of his little ways. It may be hard for you to imagine your President’s world at this time as he is not focused and his goals are undefined. In some ways, it is not so different from life on the campaign.

However, at about five weeks after inauguration (just over one month), your President will begin to take the first leap forward in his neuroses. New opinions bombard your President inside and out during this time, which can bewilder him. Some of these new things are related to the development of his cabinet and staff. Others are a result of your President’s increased alertness to TV news as his feelings have become more sensitive than they were immediately before inauguration. Therefore, it is not so much the opinions themselves that are changing but, rather, your President’s perceptions of them. During leap one, your President will become much more interested in the swamp around him. He can focus on pictures in books more clearly and can see beyond the human range of fact. You may also notice that your President responds to you and others more and in new tweets.

These are examples of what your President might do after going through this leap: (Note: A President never does these things all at once! Your President only does a few things from this list.)

— Looks at commercials longer and more frequently
— Responds to CNN differently
— Gives a social smile for the first time
— Responds to white supremacists more clearly
— Is more awake and “busy”