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Why does it feel like our lives play out faster as we get older? Richard A. Friedman explains in The New York Times:

Don’t despair. I am happy to tell you that the apparent velocity of time is a big fat cognitive illusion and happy to say there may be a way to slow the velocity of our later lives.

In Defense of Daylight Savings Time →

Dr. Drang writes about Daylight Savings Time and how technology fails it and us:

I like Daylight Saving Time, and the advantages it brings more than make up for the slight disruption in my schedule. In fact, the most annoying thing to me about the DST changeovers is hearing people complain about them. The “lost hour of sleep” is especially rich. Who are these hothouse flowers who always get exactly the same amount of sleep except for that terrible day in March? To hear them talk, you’d think they never stay up late watching a movie or reading a book. Only prisoners have such regimented lives.

I agree, and I probably should have stayed off Twitter yesterday.

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