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A new poem by Patricia Lockwood, now live at The Awl.

Kenneth Goldsmith (a former professor of mine, and one of the best I ever had) wrote something for The Awl that, like most of his work, manages to be fascinating, funny and deep:

I am a dumb writer, perhaps one of the dumbest that’s ever lived. Whenever I have an idea, I question myself whether it is sufficiently dumb. I ask myself, is it possible that this, in any way, could be considered smart? If the answer is no, I proceed. I don’t write anything new or original. I copy pre-existing texts and move information from one place to another. A child could do what I do, but wouldn’t dare to for fear of being called stupid.

Kenny’s on a roll lately. He just wrapped up a year as the Poet Laureate at the Museum of Modern Art, and just last night appeared on The Colbert Report to talk about his new book.

Proudly Fraudulent →

Mark Allen interviews Kenneth Goldsmith, who recently became the Museum of Modern Art’s first poet laureate.  Goldsmith explains his work:

For the past twenty years, I’ve been fascinated with rendering the mundane in language. In hindsight, my archival impulse arose concurrent with the internet, which also seemed intent on creating a vast warehouse of our most commonplace experiences—at least in the early days—in words. It immediately became clear to me the digital condition was going to be one of abundance, storing more words than I’d ever be able to consume. As a response, I made big books which, even in paper, reflected this new relationship to language.

I took one of Kenny’s classes in college.  Unsurprisingly, it was called Uncreative Writing, and it was certainly the most unique course I ever took — and probably the best, too.

The Cloud Atlas →

Read this funny piece by Liam Callanan on how the movie Cloud Atlas changed his life.

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