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Jordan Lints has a funny piece up at Splitsider’s The Humor Section.

Previously: a piece I co-wrote with Nick Klinger, published in that same section.

Splitsider published a new piece that I co-wrote with my friend and collaborator Nick Klinger. It’s called “Miniature Golf Infractions,” and you can read it here.

Zombie Community

Community is my favorite show on television, and it returns to NBC this Thursday at 8 pm.  But it’s likely going to be very different, given that show runner and creative force Dan Harmon was axed after last season.  I read a few good pieces today on the eve of the show’s return, and wanted to share them:

  • Grantland’s Andy Greenwald has seen the first two episodes, and wrote about how it influenced how he views Harmon’s run: “It’s decent ventriloquism; it’s passable karaoke. In its final — and they will be final — episodes, Community isn’t terrible. It’s just terribly pointless.”
  • Bradford Evans interviewed the ousted Harmon for Splitsider.  Among other topics, Harmon explains why he’ll wait on watching the new episodes: “I am the guy whose job it was to go into that office every day and – no matter how good the show was – say “I don’t think it’s good enough.” That’s arguably why I got fired and arguably why if the show is good enough and everyone’s happy with it, you don’t want to hear my dumb ass piping up about it.”
  • Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall interviews new show runners Moses Port and David Guarascio about the task of inheriting an intensely loved show they hadn’t previously worked on.

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