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Deadspin’s Greg Howard explains how great NBC’s coverage of the Premier League is.

At Deadspin, Greg Howard writes about how great it’s been to watch the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team play under new coach Jürgen Klinsmann:

Jürgen Klinsmann came in promising something different from the team we’ve seen for decades, and we finally saw it—for the first time in what feels like forever, the Americans were an attacking team. In every single match, the United States dominated possession, playing forward-moving, free-flowing soccer against lesser opponents. They pinned other teams back into their own half, and either scored at will, or wore teams down until the breakthrough finally came. It was beautiful and weird to watch.

I’ve always loved following the USMNT, but it certainly was a slog at times in the past. The past few months have certainly been different and fun, and I can’t wait for a larger audience to see the team at the World Cup next year.

An American Coach in London →

Tottenham Hotspur has a new coach.

A great piece by Jonathan Wilson about the logic of the away goals rule in European football:

This is the first problem with the away goals rule: it simply isn’t fair. It makes certain goals count for more than others. When M’Baye Niang’s shot hit the post at Camp Nou he was effectively denied not a goal but a goal and a half. If that generated good football, made games more exciting, then perhaps the inherent illogicity of the rule could be tolerated. But it doesn’t. In fact, it achieves precisely the opposite of what it set out to do.

We’re All Cynics Now →

Grantland’s Brian Phillips thinks soccer is screwed:

And that’s the sad part: Precisely because we turn to sports as a solace from the rigged deck of the average Wednesday, sports are incredibly susceptible to exploitation by the same bullies and middle men who shuffled the cards in the first place. You’re bummed out that somebody’s rigging soccer matches? You think that’s unfair? OK, so what do you do when unfairness bums you out? You watch a soccer match! You watch a soccer match because the rules are clear and the action makes sense and it’s a chance to see talented people do fine things. So you keep watching, and thus keep guaranteeing paydays for all the people who are working around the clock to ensure that none of that will stay true.

A 6-Year-Old In An Alley →

Brian Phillips responds to Sepp Blatter for Grantland:

The World Cup is a business. FIFA is a business. Sepp Blatter runs a business. Soccer is something else.

Publix →

Mark Willis reimagines the jerseys of the American League East as soccer kits.

Wimbledon vs. Wimbledon →

Gabriele Marcotti writes about the AFC Wimbledon-MK Dons rivalry for The Wall Street Journal:

Franchise relocation may be an accepted—if painful—part of the U.S. sports landscape. After all, without promotion and relegation, relocation is the only way besides expansion onto the big-time sports map. But in soccer, it’s pretty much anathema. No club of Wimbledon FC’s size and historical relevance has ever moved in this way or this far away.

I’ve been immersing myself in English football the past few years, and this has been one of my favorite stories to follow.

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