I’ve been finding a lot of ways to occupy my time while unemployed.  Yes, searching for a job is one such task, but that is sadly an easy task from day-to-day.

The strangest task is reacquainting myself with a keyboard in an intimate way.  Even though I now have more time at my disposal than ever before, I’m trying to become as efficient as possible in menial computer tasks.  I’ve spent the past week with a GMail Shortcuts printout at my side.  I have a Mac app called Cheat Sheet that I can pull up at a moment’s notice.  If a casual observer were to watch me at my computer, I’d freak out because there was an intruder in my home.  But putting reality aside in that hypothetical, said casual observer would think that I had no free time at hand.  I am working as if am, well, working.

This shortcut bootcamp does have one thing in common with the other tasks and errands I use to fill my day: in ways small and large, I am trying to produce some takeaway.  I want to walk away with lessons or minor achievements that prove these days are not spent in vain.  In the midst of fruitless job listings and rejection letters, I have a bargain, a new shelving system, or CMD+8 archiving.

By saving time in the smallest ways, I am opening up other pockets in which something might be accomplished, rather than filling up my days with copying and pasting, copying and pasting, copying and pasting.