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My poem “On Us” is now live at Big Lucks.

On Us

I removed the poem, as it now lives here. Thanks to Mark Cugini & Big Lucks for giving it a home!

The New Studio 54

My site Poetry, by Google Voice is becoming a bit of a celebrity hotspot lately.  If you haven’t been following, maybe some of these big names will get you over there:

Serendipitous Poetry →

The New York Times built an algorithm to create haikus from its stories.  My favorite thus far.

Sorry Was in the Woods →

Congrats to my pal Michelle Taransky, whose new book of poetry Sorry Was in the Woods is available now.

Previously: Barn Burned, Then

Poem Painter →

Jamie Poole makes portraits with shredded poetry.

The Oakland Readings

My friends Moira, Richard and Seth decided to host an impromptu reading for Google Voice this past weekend in Oakland, California.  The results are excellent: nearly 3 weeks of new content at Poetry, by Google Voice.

Several of those readings are already posted, including work by Walt Whitman, William Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss.

Proudly Fraudulent →

Mark Allen interviews Kenneth Goldsmith, who recently became the Museum of Modern Art’s first poet laureate.  Goldsmith explains his work:

For the past twenty years, I’ve been fascinated with rendering the mundane in language. In hindsight, my archival impulse arose concurrent with the internet, which also seemed intent on creating a vast warehouse of our most commonplace experiences—at least in the early days—in words. It immediately became clear to me the digital condition was going to be one of abundance, storing more words than I’d ever be able to consume. As a response, I made big books which, even in paper, reflected this new relationship to language.

I took one of Kenny’s classes in college.  Unsurprisingly, it was called Uncreative Writing, and it was certainly the most unique course I ever took — and probably the best, too.

Fun With Google Voice (Continued) →

I sent a Kurt Schwitters performance to Google Voice.  It tried.  It really tried.

Poetry, by Google Voice →

I’m still updating Poetry, by Google Voice with new content.  In addition to welcoming readers to call and read me a poem, I’ve also begun feeding recordings to Google Voice, as well as having my laptop read to it.

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