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Make-Yer-Own Oscar Pool →

Need an easy way to create an Oscar pool?  Good news: Matthew Baldwin has set-up an excellent tool for you.

Want to join my Oscar pool?  I’d love to have you join.

Oscar Snacks

I typically throw a viewing party for the Academy Awards.  For years now, I’ve been soliciting menu ideas on Facebook after the nominations are announced.  I thought I’d share the best of the best.  Feel free to steal and serve on February 24:

Helen Bundt Cake
Emma Stone-Ground Tortilla Chips
Seth MacNCheeseFarlane
Les Miséribs
Gyro Dark Thirty (via Marshal
BanAnna Karenina (via Marshal
Peeps of the Southern Wild (via Arielle)  
Hugh Jackman N’ Coke (via Jim)
Sally Field Green Salad (via Jim)
MoonPie Kingdom (via Jamie-Lee)
Lincorn on the Cob (via Jenny)
Mango Unchained (via Jenny)
Steven Vealberg (via Nick)
Christoph Malts (via Nick)
David O. Brussel Sprouts (via Nick)
Pirates! A Band of Biscuits (via Nick)

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