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I enjoyed this Bill Simmons piece about the disappointment surrounding the Oklahoma City Thunder trade of James Harden.

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

I spent 24 hours in Oklahoma City.

I had been itching for a trip, and this one seemed like the best pick — not too short or too long, and sufficiently interesting.  Even though I now live in Kansas, Oklahoma seemed like an entirely different beast.  It was my first time in both the city and the state.

My one worry was that this would be a wistful trip: that I would see all of the things that a large American city had to offer and miss them dearly.  But this brief flurry of a trip provided a chance to view my Midwestern move from a different perspective.

There have been times where I thought that I lost something important to who I am after moving; that I was experiencing something unfair; that things were simply being taken from me.  But as I wandered around OKC, and quickly fell in love with it, I recognized that I have been privileged to live where I’ve lived, and that while I’ve lost immediate access to Washington, DC or Philadelphia, I haven’t lost the years of benefits, lessons and experiences.

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