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Splitsider published a new piece that I co-wrote with my friend and collaborator Nick Klinger. It’s called “Miniature Golf Infractions,” and you can read it here.

I’d say “sorry to plug my own work again,” but this is probably one of the spaces acceptable to do so. Click to see the latest work from me and my co-writer Nick Klinger. We’ve been posting 2 or 3 things each week over at Carroll ünd Klinger. If you’re a Twitter user, you can follow our updates here.

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I’ve spent the past few months collaborating on comedy pieces with my good friend Nick Klinger. We’ve been friends for more than a decade, yet despite this relationship and our studies and careers in the arts, we never thought to work together until now.

We have work forthcoming in The Humor Section at Splitsider this July, and in Defenestration Magazine this September.  But we quickly ran into a good problem to have: we produced a lot of work we loved, but had too few outlets dedicated to comedy writing to whom we could send them.

In other words: we needed a home of our own.  So we started one:

Carroll ünd Klinger

We’ll post one new “feature” piece per week, plus shorter work intermittently.  We’ve made it hard for you NOT to follow us, so we hope you will: you have your choice of RSS, Twitter or Tumblr.  Or you can just visit the site at your leisure, like some old fogey.

You can find our first piece sandwiched between a Welcome post and a link to our Funny or Die piece: it’s called “I Took Kate Upton To Prom And All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post.”

The Critics Agree!

This morning, I launched a new blog with my good friend Nick Klinger.  The site is called The Critics Agree!, and you can visit it here:


Each day, Nick and I will scour reviews across the Internet to bring you the *best* that film has to offer, whether it’s in theaters or on home video.  For launch day, we have six new summaries for you to enjoy. Our top in-theater pick for the weekend (The Great Gatsby), plus five white hot selections from the archives: Jack and Jill, Couples Retreat, The Happening, New Year’s Eve and Scary Movie 5.

We hope you like it, and that you’ll follow along.  We’ll have up one new post per day, Monday to Friday. You can subscribe to us on Tumblr, via RSS, or on Twitter.

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