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Walter Kirn for New Republic:

I will hide nothing.

But I will conceal everything.

I will be a good American.

I’ve Drawn Them On Bad Guys →

Up in the Air author and gun owner Walter Kirn writes about gun ownership for New Republic:

But then, soon enough, another mass shooting occurred, at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin. And then another, at Sandy Hook Elementary. The crimes were no longer discrete abominations but one continuous siege, it seemed, broken only by pauses for reloading. This was a war that warranted wartime thinking; cultural criticism could go to hell. The hour of reckoning had come, particularly for gun owners like me who’d never thought clearly about where we stood, only that it was somewhere between the militants and the innocents—a dangerous spot, since both sides felt attacked.

This is a great piece from “the other side.”  I’ve been doubly shocked about guns in the past year: before Aurora and Sandy Hook, I was simply taken aback by the gun culture upon moving to Kansas.  This helps explain it a bit better for me, and yet ultimately Kirn and I probably agree on a lot of what needs to be done.

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