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Deadspin’s Greg Howard explains how great NBC’s coverage of the Premier League is.

Punk’d →

Joe Hagan wrote about Matt Lauer and the Today show for New York Magazine.  There are a bunch of odd anecdotes in this piece, like:

When Lauer and Today producers tried to “punk” the rest of the cast one morning in 2011—sending them to a fake magazine photo shoot where the photographer had a meltdown and started firing all his assistants—Curry was infuriated with Lauer and retreated to her dressing room. Roker, her longtime friend, was sent to comfort her.


When Robin Roberts left Good Morning America a month later to get treatment for MDS, Curry asked NBC if she could tweet a note of sympathy for the ABC co-host. NBC said no, afraid she was trying to aid the enemy.

Morning TV is weird.  That’s all I’ve got.

A Portal Between Two Worlds →

Michael Schneider reports on the attempted re-tooling of Up All Night:

Wallem and the writing staff began brainstorming ideas for the multi-camera version. One pitch placed a portal between the two worlds — the single-cam and multi-cam versions — that only baby Amy could see. Another idea put Wallem and her real-life partner, Etheridge, in front of the camera, perhaps with the action taking place in their living room.

Stories like this make it easier to say farewell to good shows cancelled too soon.  Why?  Because television is crazy.

House of Possibility →

My beloved Kelly Writers House and its director (as well as my former teacher, advisor and boss!) Al Filreis were featured on Today this morning, as part of a five-minute story on Coursera.

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