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Vulture has a great collection of anecdotes and facts about the making of Spike Jonze’s Her.

I saw Inside Llewyn Davis this weekend, and this Devin Faraci piece was great follow-up reading. I recommend both!

Hey! Look! It’s the trailer for the new Wes Anderson film.

Here’s your interesting Tumblr of the week. I had no idea that Netflix was toying with the original aspect ratio of many of the movies they stream.

The title says it all. I ordered a Ghostbusters print because I’m a huge nerd.

I’m back from vacation, and catching up on links.  Let’s start with a preview of the new Martin Scorsese movie, OK?

A trailer for the new Woody Allen film.

I thought seeing The Great Gatsby as a 3D summer blockbuster would be the weirdest literary experience I’d have in a theater this year.  But then I saw that James Franco had adapted As I Lay Dying for the screen.

Valley of Ashes →

If you saw The Great Gatsby this weekend (or, hey, read the book it’s based on!), you’ll probably be interested in this piece by Devin Faraci on the history of The Valley of Ashes.

The Critics Agree!

This morning, I launched a new blog with my good friend Nick Klinger.  The site is called The Critics Agree!, and you can visit it here:


Each day, Nick and I will scour reviews across the Internet to bring you the *best* that film has to offer, whether it’s in theaters or on home video.  For launch day, we have six new summaries for you to enjoy. Our top in-theater pick for the weekend (The Great Gatsby), plus five white hot selections from the archives: Jack and Jill, Couples Retreat, The Happening, New Year’s Eve and Scary Movie 5.

We hope you like it, and that you’ll follow along.  We’ll have up one new post per day, Monday to Friday. You can subscribe to us on Tumblr, via RSS, or on Twitter.

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