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Tugg of War →

Interesting new web service: pick a film that you want to see screened at a local theater, then promote it. If you sell enough tickets, the screening comes to your town.

Whoa, Awesome →

Neven Mrgan went to see Django Unchained, and came home with a story:

You read that right. The theater showed no house ads, no local ads, no previews for TV shows, no featurettes, no trailers. At 7:45 PM, the advertised screening time, they showed the movie we came to see.

Even at the Alamo Drafthouse, I’ve never had the privilege of paying for a movie and skipping all of the junk (although to the Drafthouse’s credit, they come close).

But we already know why this doesn’t happen: advertisers are willing to pay theaters more to show us ads than we would pay not to see them.

Your New Favorite Movie Theater →

I wrote a piece for The Hype Weekly about the new Alamo Drafthouse theater in Kansas City.  You can read more at the link above, but in short: it’s the best movie theater I’ve ever visited, and it’s not even close.

Late Entry Denied →

The Alamo Drafthouse increasingly sounds like movie nirvana.

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