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I scored a 4.

Too Much Camo →

Paul Lukas writes about the worst trend in baseball: the camo treatment for American holidays.

Scrabble Points for MLB Caps →

Craig Robinson tallies up Scrabble points for each MLB cap.

Bow Out For Good →

Harvey Araton calls for the media to get out of the honoring business.  In particular, Hall of Fame voting:

The standard trade maxim that journalists should never be part of the story has been a longtime red flag in the process, especially in baseball, but never has it carried the weight it does now, in the age of players tainted by performance enhancement. If the exclusion of Pete Rose has more or less been a matter for the commissioner’s office to legislate, why leave it to reporters to determine what to do with the likes of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds?

Ticket to Hide

Can I nerd it up and write about iOS some more?  OK, thanks.

I went to a Royals-Tigers game last night, which I may blog about tonight or tomorrow.  But I wanted to first write about how I got into the game: using a ticket in my iPhone’s Passbook.

I think this is an incredibly exciting feature — so exciting that I’m openly geeking out about it here.  Passbook is a new application that aims to be a pseudo-wallet for iPhone users, albeit without the cash or credit cards (…for now).  The application is rather bare at the moment, as it’s developer-driven — passes only exist if third parties create the passes for use.  Major League Baseball is an early adopter, enabling the tickets for a few ballparks in the US, including Kansas City’s Kaufmann Stadium.

I am terribly hung up on remembering tickets.  Even though I’ve only forgotten a ticket once in my life (the Virgin Music Free Festival in Maryland), I worry like someone who forgets things weekly.  When I buy tickets to an event, I set calendar reminders: to make sure I receive the tickets, to make sure I’ve packed the tickets, to make sure I see a different calendar item about the tickets.

I never have to set such reminders for a few basics in my life: my wallet, my keys and my phone.  I don’t want to carry tickets for a November concert in my wallet this next month.  But if I can carry those around in my phone, and not worry about them until I arrive at the venue (at which point my phone dings me!), I’m suddenly not just saving paper, but also a lot of (admittedly excessive and unnecessary) anxiety.

Conventional Wisdom and Stephen Strasburg →

A good piece on the misguided wisdom behind the Washington Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg.  I’m not surprised this is happening — the Nationals always struck me as incredibly cautious in the way they conduct business.  What surprises me is the number of Nats fans jumping to defend the plan.

There seems to be great folly in trying to predict what will happen in a few years, particularly in sports.  I say this not only because of the potential for injury, but because Strasburg is represented by the most ruthless agent in baseball.  I bet he’s not only trying to protect a future record-setting salary, but also trying to protect his client’s ability to enter the open market healthy — all the better to drive up the bidding.

I’ll be interested to see what happens — not only to Strasburg and the team, but to the fans.  Will they regret not seeing their best possible team in the most important games of the year?  I know I will, and I’m not even a Nats fans.  I root for their rivals, the Phillies.  And so it makes me wonder: how is it I that feels cheated, and not them?

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