Meredith Borders has a glowing review of the new stage production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch for Badass Digest:

Neil Patrick Harris may make a better Hedwig than John Cameron Mitchell.

Is that possible? Is it hubris? I think I’m allowed to say it. After all, John Cameron Mitchell is the director who knew that Neil Patrick Harris was born to wear the wig. Moments into Saturday’s performance, I, an avowed Hedhead, forgot that any other Hedwig had ever existed. Of course, John Cameron Mitchell will always be Hedwig – he created the character, he invented this world I love so desperately – but that’s not what I was thinking about as I sat, rapt, on the very corner of my seat, trying to move as close to the stage and to Harris’ Hedwig as I possibly could. For one hundred minutes, this Hedwig was my world.

I adore the film, and already have my tickets to see this new production over the summer. Still, Meredith manages to make me even more excited about all of this.