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I thought seeing The Great Gatsby as a 3D summer blockbuster would be the weirdest literary experience I’d have in a theater this year.  But then I saw that James Franco had adapted As I Lay Dying for the screen.

Valley of Ashes →

If you saw The Great Gatsby this weekend (or, hey, read the book it’s based on!), you’ll probably be interested in this piece by Devin Faraci on the history of The Valley of Ashes.

Writing What He Damn Well Pleases →

I’m amazed that I have to write the words “in defense of George Saunders,” but Adrian Chen wrote a stupid piece for Gawker (so stupid that I won’t even bother linking to it), so Kevin McFarland knocked the ball off the tee for AV Club.

The Great Yu →

Why not go out with a hat trick?  My friend Moira Moody has an excellent short story in The Monongahela Review:

“That leak is very tiny,” she says. “And your father loves you very much. He loves you so much that he knows that if he knew about that tiny leak, came to the house and saw you, he would never be able to leave again. And he must, Qi.” What she says isn’t truly a lie. “That’s why I told him to go away when he came to the door.”

Want more?  The story is called “The Great Yu” and it begins on page 57.

How Not To Get Published →

Over at The Weeklings, Sean Beaudoin writes about the eight types of short stories that never get published:

By the time I read my five hundredth story, I’d begun to sense a trend. It turns out the dirty little secret of the lit world (not unlike the notion that there are only twelve songs in rock-and-roll that continually cannibalize one another) is that there are only eight submission topics which endlessly repeat, a Mobius strip of futility. And repeat they did.

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