Since you’re likely reading this post on a computer, can I recommend a piece of software to you? Click the title and try out a free program called f.lux. It’s simple and helpful: f.lux changes the lighting on your laptop or monitor as the day progresses.

During the day, your monitor is bright and loud. During the evening, it becomes a bit yellow instead of blue. In short, it adapts to your surroundings.

I started using it recently because I am in the bad habit of becoming very productive late at night. This blog post, composed at 12:54 AM Central, is an example of said productivity. Before I started using f.lux, I would sometimes toss and turn in bed for long stretches of time. I felt wired and wide awake. This software has helped changed that.

I should note that f.lux doesn’t alter the brightness of your screen. It changes the color of the light, so that it’s easier on your eyes toward the end of the day.