The Classical published a three-part oral history of Fire Joe Morgan — arguably my favorite web site ever — this week.  You should check out each installment: 1, 2, 3.

While I like to joke about how abused the oral history format has been lately, I’ll never pass up a chance to read these guys chatting with each other.  The links enclosed in each part were also a welcome invitation to revisit some Fire Joe Morgan classics, like 12 Minutes of Hell, With Colin Cowherd.

I taught a first-year college writing seminar last Spring, and since its focus was writing about sports, I decided to incorporate Fire Joe Morgan into the syllabus.  It was a wild success: not only my favorite lesson plan of the semester, but also my students’ favorite assignment.  They went out of their way to express how much like they being tasked with responding to writers in this fashion.  In essence, I had found a fun and approachable way of convincing them to outline.

I’d recommend it to my fellow teachers out there — whether you’re Fire Joe Morgan fans or not.  But you should be: your students will think you’re a slightly cooler nerd than you were the day before.