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Brassy & Old-School →

Jason Zinoman writes an excellent profile of Julie Klausner for The New York Times:

You can hear the influence of Joan Rivers, for whom she once wrote jokes, in her politically incorrect humor, but also Sandra Bernhard, who shares her flamboyant sarcasm and half-joking cabaret diva flair. What really distinguishes Ms. Klausner’s podcast, however, is how she turns cultural criticism of everything from reality shows to prestige movies into vivid comic performance.

Klausner’s “How Was Your Week” is an excellent show, and I’ll write about it some more when I start my exciting new series, PODCASTS I LISTEN TO.

Why Matt? →

If you read my post about Sleepwalk With Me, you’ll recall that I was bugged by the ramifications of Mike Birbiglia’s name change.  Julie Klausner asked him about this on her podcast “How Was Your Week?”  If you want to hear him answer, skip ahead to the 55-minute mark.

Inside A Cat Fashion Show →

Julie Klausner visits the Algonquin Hotel Cat Fashion Show in New York City.

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