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Jason Zinoman of The New York Times writes about Dave Chappelle and his slow, hidden comeback today:

Seeing Mr. Chappelle here revealed him as struggling with some of the issues that led him to leave the spotlight. It’s also an exhilarating reminder of what we’ve been missing: the laid-back delivery pivoting into explosive bursts of energy; the sideways insight and deadpan gravitas; how every joke seems as if he came up with it on the spot. If there are comics with more onstage charisma than Dave Chappelle, I haven’t seen them.

Seeing Chappelle re-emerge from afar has been rather exciting.  I didn’t mourn the loss of Chappelle’s Show (which I loved, but remained near-perfect with its sudden conclusion — I never bothered to watch the incomplete third season) but I have always missed his voice in our culture.  I’m glad he’s returning, in his own way.

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Jason Zinoman writes an excellent profile of Julie Klausner for The New York Times:

You can hear the influence of Joan Rivers, for whom she once wrote jokes, in her politically incorrect humor, but also Sandra Bernhard, who shares her flamboyant sarcasm and half-joking cabaret diva flair. What really distinguishes Ms. Klausner’s podcast, however, is how she turns cultural criticism of everything from reality shows to prestige movies into vivid comic performance.

Klausner’s “How Was Your Week” is an excellent show, and I’ll write about it some more when I start my exciting new series, PODCASTS I LISTEN TO.

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