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If you haven’t already, you should read The Internet With A Human Face, Maciej Ceglowski’s talk from the 2014 Beyond Tellerrand conference:

I’ve come to believe that a lot of what’s wrong with the Internet has to do with memory. The Internet somehow contrives to remember too much and too little at the same time, and it maps poorly on our concepts of how memory should work.

I don’t know if they did this in Germany, but in our elementary schools in America, if we did something particularly heinous, they had a special way of threatening you. They would say: “This is going on your permanent record”.

It was pretty scary. I had never seen a permanent record, but I knew exactly what it must look like. It was bright red, thick, tied with twine. Full of official stamps.

The permanent record would follow you through life, and whenever you changed schools, or looked for a job or moved to a new house, people would see the shameful things you had done in fifth grade.

How wonderful it felt when I first realized the permanent record didn’t exist. They were bluffing! Nothing I did was going to matter! We were free!

And then when I grew up, I helped build it for real.

Tim Kreider has an excellent op-ed in The New York Times:

This is partly a side effect of our information economy, in which “paying for things” is a quaint, discredited old 20th-century custom, like calling people after having sex with them. The first time I ever heard the word “content” used in its current context, I understood that all my artist friends and I — henceforth, “content providers” — were essentially extinct. This contemptuous coinage is predicated on the assumption that it’s the delivery system that matters, relegating what used to be called “art” — writing, music, film, photography, illustration — to the status of filler, stuff to stick between banner ads.

Need to quit a web service? This site helps.

Kenneth Goldsmith wants to print the internet.

GMail Sucks →

A frustrated GMail users explains where the e-mail service has gone wrong.

Piano Van →

Director Jeff Feuerzeig just happened upon Chris Stroffolino while out one night.  It was easy enough to do: Stroffolino (a poet and musician who worked on the amazing Silver Jews album American Water) was performing in a van that he takes to various locations around Los Angeles.  Feuerzeig began to film him.  And thus, pianovan.com was born.


FYI: If you subscribed to an old domain of mine, you’re now seeing the ohjohncarroll.com RSS feed in your reader of choice.  Yet another reason that RSS is amazing!

It’s All Around You →

Brent Simmons on why you should care about RSS, even if you don’t know what it is or what it stands for:

RSS is plumbing. It’s used all over the place but you don’t notice it. Which is cool.

This is elegance. It derives from the design of the internet and the web and its many open standards — designed so that no entity can control it, so that it survives stupidity and greed when it appears.

RSS is largely misunderstood.  For example: any number of blogs that think limiting their feed will drive me to their web site.

“Sunset Period” →

Google Reader will shut down on July 1st.  This is probably the Google service I use the most — I bet I spend more time in it than e-mail.

The upside: another kick in the pants that I should take services important to me off of Google.

Actual Facebook Graph Searches →

I think “People who like Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris” might be my favorite.

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