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First, Do No Harm →

My pal Tyler has a piece about California’s S.B. 1172 and his own experiences with Sexual Orientation Change Efforts at the Huffington Post:

In 2002 I elected to get help to “cure” my homosexuality through a so-called therapeutic practice, “reparative therapy,” “conversion therapy” or, as it’s currently known, “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE). I sat opposite a man who communicated his heterosexuality quite strategically: family pictures, a “Father of the Year” mug and a shiny, gold wedding band. I coveted those tokens of heterosexuality, because I lived under the assumption that they were never mine to possess. I was 21, an adult, and I knowingly sought out help because I was told that my same-sex feelings were a “choice” that was wrong and curable.

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Stub Stories →

The Verge and The Huffington Post have a spat over stub stories.  This is some really insider baseball stuff — except search engine optimization is decidedly less fun than baseball.

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