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His Desktop →

George Saunders talks to The Guardian about the technology that he reluctantly uses, plus the stuff he never touches … Including stuff on his own desktop:

“InfanView” is an app that produces a list of all babies born in your area, ranks them for cuteness, and auto-sends each one a Facebook Friend request on your behalf. It’s good for building up one’s “fan base.” Ha. No – I think it’s “IrfanView”, and I honestly have no idea what the hell it is. I just went in and opened it and still have no idea. It’s a relic of something, but I don’t know what.

Writing What He Damn Well Pleases →

I’m amazed that I have to write the words “in defense of George Saunders,” but Adrian Chen wrote a stupid piece for Gawker (so stupid that I won’t even bother linking to it), so Kevin McFarland knocked the ball off the tee for AV Club.

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