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Wikipedia’s Sexism →

Want to read something dumb?  Good news!  I’ve got something for you.  Amanda Filipacchi, writing for The New York Times:

Early last week I noticed something strange on Wikipedia. It appeared that, gradually, over time, the volunteer editors who create the site had begun moving women, one by one, from the “American Novelists” category to the “American Women Novelists” subcategory. Female authors whose last names began with A or B had been most affected.

I’m stunned to hear that men are being stubborn and misguided on the internet.

On Why It Matters →

Pema Levy, for Talking Points Memo:

A number of unlikely sources defended President Obama last week when he called California Attorney General Kamala Harris “the best looking attorney general” and was later forced to apologize for it. His defenders mostly sang a common refrain: What’s the harm in complimenting a woman’s appearance?

As if on cue, a study released Monday showed that media coverage of a woman candidate’s appearance actually makes people less likely to vote for her — even if the comments are positive.

Sex, Gender and Culture

I graduated from American University in May, but apparently am already out of the loop when it comes to school news.  Thankfully, Jim Romenesko rounds up relevant links on a “story” about an anthropology professor who was breastfeeding her sick child on the first day of class this semester.

While there’s much that’s infuriating about this story, at least it resulted in such a fine piece by Adrienne Pine.  I also hope the young reporter walks away having learned something, whether  now or in the future.  She was failed by countless media pieces that taught her to approach stories this way, and by editors who only urged caution when she was already in too deep.

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