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So, you’ve made a game about game development, only to find that people are pirating it like crazy.  What do you do?  You teach the pirates about the effects of piracy:

A few hours into the game players of the “cracked” copy see a rather depressing in-game note, telling them that their virtual game is being heavily pirated.

Soon after that the player’s funds start to decrease. The other games they release are hit by piracy as well, resulting in the bankruptcy of the virtual gaming company they had just built up.

You’re It →

A 23-year-long game of tag.  Need I say more?  Russell Adams for the Wall Street Journal:

The game they play is fundamentally the same as the schoolyard version: One player is “It” until he tags someone else. But men in their 40s can’t easily chase each other around the playground, at least not without making people nervous, so this tag has a twist. There are no geographic restrictions and the game is live for the entire month of February. The last guy tagged stays “It” for the year.

Did You Go Yet? →

Gavin Purcell writes about his Letterpress addiction for The New York Times:

I slowed way down, stopped opening the game. Other things took over my free time. The games began to pile up. Friends started coming out of the woodwork, trying to get me to play my turns. I got texts from some, e-mails from others. One guy even took the time to put a Post-it note on my computer. These people — who I work with and love — were suddenly on my back, all the time. I started to actively avoid places I knew I’d see them, turned corners more quickly, closed my door more.

He got out, but I’m not so lucky.  Look me up if you’re also hopelessly addicted.

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