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Python Heart →

My pal Toni — author of the previously linked “Namesake” — has a new piece up at First Inkling.  Go check it out!

Paradise →

My good friend Melissa’s short story “Paradise” appears in the latest Shenandoah.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading this several times as Melissa worked on it, and urge you to go read the finished product.  You won’t regret it.

The Great Yu →

Why not go out with a hat trick?  My friend Moira Moody has an excellent short story in The Monongahela Review:

“That leak is very tiny,” she says. “And your father loves you very much. He loves you so much that he knows that if he knew about that tiny leak, came to the house and saw you, he would never be able to leave again. And he must, Qi.” What she says isn’t truly a lie. “That’s why I told him to go away when he came to the door.”

Want more?  The story is called “The Great Yu” and it begins on page 57.

When A Click Will Do →

“Reading My Smart Pals Sunday” continues — Chris Mustazza pitches a ‘Like’ button for e-mail:

As someone who loves writing, language, and the nuance that a command of the language can convey, I feel slightly self-conscious about making the proposal that I’m about to. OK, I’m just going to say it: they should add a “like” button to email services like Gmail. That doesn’t mean, as many have suggested, that it would function as “like” buttons on blogs, which send the item of your liking to Facebook. It means that there should be a quick way to acknowledge the receipt of a message or convey approval when a detailed text-based answer is unnecessary.

I’m sold.

Namesake →

My pal Toni McIntyre has an excellent essay in the latest Wilderness House Literary Review.  Here’s a taste:

My Aunt Helen wasn’t related to me biologically. She was my grand- mother’s childhood friend. My sister Helen shares no DNA with my moth- er’s beloved Aunt Helen, but still Mom loves to talk about how similar the two of them are. She believes that in naming my sister after her aunt, there was an alchemic effect that endowed my sister with the personality traits of her aunt. Many of us believe in something similar. We want to believe in it. We revel in those moments of discovered similarities between the older relative and the namesake. We are triumphant, for we have discovered a kind of immortality.

Congrats on the Wings →

My anonymous pal at Naming the Cat takes a new look at It’s A Wonderful Life:

Listen up, Bailey: this woman knows more about stress and hard work than you ever will.


I’ve had the opportunity to meet and befriend some amazing people.  And apparently they know some cool peeps too.  Here’s what I saw upon logging into Facebook tonight:

People You May Know: John Ashbery, Marjorie Perloff, Gary Shteyngart

Perhaps I should invite them to my next Oscars party.

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