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The Arnold Palmer →

I stopped drinking soda at the beginning of the year, and what wound up making it so easy to ditch was finding something to replace it when I wanted a drink other than water.  That choice was The Arnold Palmer.

Click the link above you’ll find a short film about the drink directed by Bryan Gordon for ESPN.  I’m glad to hear the man himself makes his like I make mine (about 80/20 tea-to-lemonade) — I find that if I order it out, everyone puts in at least half-lemonade or more, which is too much.  (Of course, it doesn’t help that the man himself has also licensed his image to a beverage that calls it a half-and-half.)

Printing the Legend →

Howard Bryant wrote about the new film 42 for ESPN:

For the past week, the concepts of how a story is told and who gets to tell it have resonated as I thought about Boston and listened to complex conversation about war and terrorism devolve along the simplistic lines of “heroes” and “cowards” and “resilience.” That simplification is a template borrowed from the tattered handbook of how there is generally one way to write about race in America: to make the majority of the mainstream feel good about itself without depth, without substance, without respect or appreciation for grievances that can successfully change society but that don’t always have happy endings.

I saw the film yesterday, and was incredibly disappointed by it.  The above excerpt alludes to why: I didn’t get the sense that the film was interested in portraying hardship, and that made it an incredibly low-stakes affair.  But Bryant finds some teaching moments in the film’s failures, and I’m glad to see it.

A 6-Year-Old In An Alley →

Brian Phillips responds to Sepp Blatter for Grantland:

The World Cup is a business. FIFA is a business. Sepp Blatter runs a business. Soccer is something else.

Let Teddy Win →

One of my favorite ongoing stories while I lived in the Washington, DC area: the ongoing plight of Teddy Roosevelt in the Washington Nationals Presidents Race.  Click the link above to view an E:60 piece on Teddy and company.  What fascinates me about the Presidents Race is how indicative it is of the Nationals’ own team philosophy of delayed gratification.  Whether it’s Teddy’s races, Strasburg’s arm, or Bryce Harper being plunked by a pitch, the Nationals seem not to take delight in any success now, focusing instead on what success might look like in 5-10 years.

I can’t tell you how many “Teddy’s going to win!” false alarms there have been over the years.  I was even in the ballpark for a few of them.  I’ll be interested to see when they do let him win — if they ever.

#UniRank →

Power rankings for sports are generally stupid, as there’s no need to rank anything that has standings.  But power rankings for sports jerseys?  That I can get behind.

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