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Outlawed by Amazon →

Emerging theme on this blog: worrying about e-books — specifically Amazon’s.  What can I say?  They give me plenty of reasons for concern.

The New ‘Paperwhite’ Kindle →

I really want to like my Kindle, but I find that it mostly collects dust on the shelf these days.  I think it’s ugly.  And I’m not talking about the device itself — it’s light, and the right size, and mostly sharp looking.  But the typography itself bothers me: I’m willing to make a number of trade-offs when it comes to choosing e-ink over real ink, but the one that continues to direct me back to paper is the look of the text itself.

The link above is a look at the new Kindles coming out this year.  A backlight should be a nice touch for many, but I’ll only be interested if I read something about improved typefaces.  I don’t expect this, of course — McSweeney’s uses book-specific, fixed fonts with their in-app purchase books, but I recall only seeing complaints from readers who are used to the flexibility that non-fixed types provide.  I don’t see, though, why there cannot be a middle ground: a variety of sharp, easy-to-read typefaces that cannot be manipulated by users who prefer their text larger or smaller.

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