I was at a ballgame during the first Presidential debate last week.  I was initially disappointed about this, as I like to watch them, but I found the distance helpful.  It was interesting and even illuminating to watch it unfold from inside a baseball stadium — occasional glances at Twitter, reading some blogs after the fact and then a few highlights on whatever channel I might have been watching.

I wanted to mention this after reading Jay Rosen’s latest blog entry, which is linked in the title.  He’s writing about David Gregory’s summary of an SNL sketch about the debate, but it crystallized my own experience from afar: namely, that everyone simply conceded one candidate’s lies before the debate even began.

This certainly sums up my experience in having to follow the debate through others: Romney lied through his teeth, but won.  While I’m not surprised about that — I’ve come to expect as much — the consensus of it all was still bothersome.