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The White Albums →

Rutherford Chang recorded 100 vinyl copies of The Beatles’ self-titled white album and layered them on top of one another.  The results are great — just listen to how haunting the opening of “Dear Prudence” has become, for example.

I’m Looking Through You →

AICN’s Mr. Beaks writes about Beatles songs possibly becoming easier to license for film.  But this caught my eye:

And then, on the disappointment end of the spectrum, there’s the case of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. When I saw Wes Anderson’s movie at the 2001 New York Film Festival, it opened with the original “Hey Jude” and closed with an alternate take of “I’m Looking Through You”. Both worked beautifully. Eventually, Anderson had to settle for a Mark Mothersbaugh orchestration of “Hey Jude”, and Van Morrison’s “Everyone” at the end (after also losing The Beach Boys’ “Sloop John B”), and the emotional impact was diminished.

I was disappointed that no adventurous soul has re-scored those scenes with the original choices on YouTube.

We Buy White Albums →

Over at Dust & Grooves, Eilon Paz interviews Rutherford Chang about his exhibition “We Buy White Albums”:

My collection of White Albums is on display at Recess, a storefront art space in SoHo. It’s set up like a record store with the albums arranged in bins by serial number, and visitors are invited to browse and listen to the records. Except, rather than sell the albums, I am buying more. I currently have 693 copies.

I geeked out while reading this, as I’ve long admired these editions from afar.  What a great idea.  If I was in New York, I am sure I could spend hours looking at all of these.

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself →

The John Stewart remasters The Grey Album.

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