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Chuck Klosterman spent some time with Royce White, and wrote about how his mental health needs have come between him and his team, the Houston Rockets:

It is not that Royce White thinks he has a unique problem. It’s more that Royce White believes society has made everyone slightly insane. And this helps and hurts his argument at the same time.

I’ve been following White’s story since the NBA Draft, and he’s managed to be one of the most fascinating players in basketball despite not yet playing a minute.  I think Klosterman hits on something I’ve been noticing in White’s interviews (which have ramped up recently, including a feature story on HBO’s Real Sports): his youth and inexperience cause him to stumble.  The comparison to a well-researched and excited ninth-grader is an apt one.

I certainly wouldn’t fault him for inexperience, but I do think his occasional lack of clarity is what allows his detractors to dismiss as immature, or deceitful.

NBA League Pass Is The Worst →

I’ve been a customer for 36 hours, and I’d say it’s the worst purchase I’ve ever made.  Deadspin explains better than I can.

Zombies →

I enjoyed this Bill Simmons piece about the disappointment surrounding the Oklahoma City Thunder trade of James Harden.

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