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This Is My Jam

Sonic is my jam. Shakespeare is my jam. Crafting is my jam. Writing is my jam. Traffic is my jam. Orange is my jam. Style is my jam. Drawing is my jam. Scranton is my jam. Bacon is my jam. Teaching is my jam. Homeschool is my jam. Trivia is my jam. Surrealism is my jam. Quinoa is my jam. Snapchat is my jam. Jammy is my jam. Blogging is my jam. Music is my jam. Call of Duty is my jam. His jam is my jam. Data is my jam. The Cookie Monster ice cream is my jam. Rhubarb jam is my jam. T-Swift is my jam. Jesus is my jam. Marvel is my jam. Graffiti is my jam. Zumba is my jam. Kidz Bop 28 is my jam. The Pokemon Theme in 15 different languages is my jam. Clam is my jam. Parker Posey is my jam. Pistachio pesto is my jam. Iced coffee is my jam. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is my jam. A five guitar band is my jam.

I have a new story online: “Mom and Me,” published in the current Spring issue of Per Contra. I hope you’ll read it, as well as all of the other great work in this new edition.

Oliver Roeder writes about Twilight Struggle for FiveThirtyEight.

I played this a few weeks ago. I loved it, but certainly need to play a few more times.

David Carr didn’t believe that John Oliver’s HBO show would succeed. He wrote today about how he got that wrong.

This is a good article about a great show.

Go read this excellent piece by William Hughes at The AV Club:

I began to notice that my reactions to pop culture had changed, in some ways drastically. I picked up a nasty aversion (which has lessened over time) to ambulances or heavy breathing, both of which could send me into memory-tinged panic attacks. Podcasters making jokes about strokes or embolisms would force my hands into fists. But more than that, I became horribly conscious of death in the media I consumed, and how often it was employed as a plot device for cheap effect.

Deadspin’s Kyle Wagner wrote a great piece about GamerGate:

What we have in Gamergate is a glimpse of how these skirmishes will unfold in the future—all the rhetorical weaponry and siegecraft of an internet comment section brought to bear on our culture, not just at the fringes but at the center. What we’re seeing now is a rehearsal, where the mechanisms of a toxic and inhumane politics are being tested and improved. Tomorrow’s Lee Atwater will work through sock puppets on IRC. Tomorrow’s Sister Souljah will get shouted down with rape threats. Tomorrow’s Tipper Gore will make an inexplicably popular YouTube video. Tomorrow’s Willie Horton ad will be an image macro, tomorrow’s Borking a doxing, tomorrow’s Moral Majority a loose coalition of DoSers and robo-petitioners and scat-GIF trolls—all of them working feverishly in service of the old idea that nothing should ever really change.

Steve Duncan and Andrew Wonder explore some of the hidden sights of New York. Worth it for the look at the abandoned City Hall subway station alone.

Joe Posnanski writes about the Phillies and their terrible general manager — a depressing, but on-point takedown.

With the New Yorker online archives free to all this summer, you should go read this Simon Rich piece. If you like it, go buy Ant Farm. You won’t regret either decision.

Some Come Blogging Through

I was searching for a publication date for a story of mine today, and thought Google might be the quickest route. Instead of finding my answer, though, I was pleasantly surprised to find a 2-year-old blog entry about the story in question.

I wish this upon any writer, as I was incredibly moved!

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