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Slate’s Josh Levin has a great take on the Donald Sterling situation:

Sports fans and sportswriters don’t ignore this power dynamic. They celebrate it. On NFL broadcasts in particular, announcers treat owners like royalty, bowing obsequiously to men like “Mr. Kraft” and “Mr. Rooney.” Many owners surely treat their players well, but there’s something creepy about celebrating their beneficence, as if money necessarily buys virtue. Donald Sterling is the human embodiment of the danger of giving the richest guy in the room the benefit of the doubt.

Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel has a comprehensive summary of a terrible story from one of my almae matres, American University.

Comedy Central has made the first season of Andy Daly’s show Review available for free on their YouTube channel. This is a very funny show — the premise alone is great1, but it really soars with some great narratives told across the show’s eight episodes.

  1. Daly plays a critic who reviews and rates life experiences suggested by his fans.


I’m writing today with a software recommendation: if you’re on a Mac, iPhone or iPad and haven’t tried Fantastical, you should rectify that immediately.

Fantastical is an alternative to the built-in calendar software that arrives baked in to your operating system. I started using it a few years ago after hearing raves about the way it collects your event data: in sentences & phrases. Rather than telling you all about, let me show you:

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 8.04.11 AM

I write and Fantastical figures out what goes where. And it always gets it right. Once you use it a few times, you’ll wonder why all calendar software doesn’t work this way.

Why am I writing about this on a Saturday morning? Well, after spending a day house hunting, I appreciated how much Fantastical made everything about planning and living that day easier1, and thought I should reward it with my previously private praise.

  1. Since the software isn’t created by Apple, you have the option of opening everything in Google Maps. If you’ve been burned enough by Apple Maps (and I have), this feels like a godsend every time you use it, even though it’s saving 30 seconds, tops.

Sam Adams co-founder Jim Koch thinks he has a way to drink without getting drunk.

The Mega Manhattan

Here’s episode two of Video Game Cocktails, the new Carroll ünd Klinger web series.

BoingBoing’s Xeni Jardin explains how the FCC is about to gut net neutrality:

Under the new rules, service providers may not block or discriminate against specific websites, but they can charge certain sites or services for preferential traffic treatment if the ISPs’ discrimination is “commercially reasonable.”

Bye-bye, Net Neutrality, and the internet as we know it. Hello, greater connectivity gap between rich and poor in America.

I just wrote an email to the commissioners: Tom.Wheeler@fcc.gov Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.gov Jessica.Rosenworcel@fcc.gov Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov Mike.O’Rielly@fcc.gov. You should too.

I joined the dating app Tinder last week. I had an idea for a piece where I’d run a series of a conversations where men chatted with a woman (played by me, naturally) who was obsessed with the new Amazon Fire TV. Instead, I instantly met a dude who spends all of his time on Tinder badgering women for nude pics. While unplanned, I wound up giving him a taste of his own medicine and had a blast doing so.

This was a lot of fun to do, and seems to be making its way around the web — we posted it about 24 hours ago, and have had thousands of new visitors to the site. You should go read it!

I never knew how much I wanted to hear the Muppets performing songs from Jesus Christ Superstar until I had them.

Meredith Borders has a glowing review of the new stage production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch for Badass Digest:

Neil Patrick Harris may make a better Hedwig than John Cameron Mitchell.

Is that possible? Is it hubris? I think I’m allowed to say it. After all, John Cameron Mitchell is the director who knew that Neil Patrick Harris was born to wear the wig. Moments into Saturday’s performance, I, an avowed Hedhead, forgot that any other Hedwig had ever existed. Of course, John Cameron Mitchell will always be Hedwig – he created the character, he invented this world I love so desperately – but that’s not what I was thinking about as I sat, rapt, on the very corner of my seat, trying to move as close to the stage and to Harris’ Hedwig as I possibly could. For one hundred minutes, this Hedwig was my world.

I adore the film, and already have my tickets to see this new production over the summer. Still, Meredith manages to make me even more excited about all of this.

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