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Month: March 2014

Today is release day for my pal Lindsey Palmer’s debut novel, Pretty In Ink. She’s a fantastic writer, and I hope you’ll celebrate with me by ordering a copy!

At Beyond the Margins, Becky Tuch urges AWP to stop ignoring adjuncts:

Here’s the thing, AWP. The percentage of teaching positions occupied by non-tenure track faculty has more than tripled in the past four decades. According to the Adjunct Project, “Two-thirds of the faculty standing in front of college classrooms each day aren’t full-time or permanent professors.” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that “the shadowy world of would-be academia is filled with people cobbling together five or six such teaching gigs at once. That’s possible because some 70 percent of college courses offered are now taught by adjuncts—part-timers who are paid a pittance and have no job security.”
Yet, at this year’s conference in Seattle, the biggest AWP conference yet, you did not have a single panel dedicated to adjunct teaching. Nor were there any panels addressing this shift toward part-time faculty at colleges. Absent also were lectures, discussions or Q&A sessions addressing these changes in the academic climate.

Via my brother, Olivia Solon at Ars Technica writes about London’s underground “Mail Rail.”

I wrote a short story called “Suicides” that’s now live at The Citron Review.

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