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The Hangover →

Richard W. Scott reimagines The Hangover as a horror film.  This is really well-done.

Armed Correlations →

Adam Gopnik, writing for The New Yorker:

That’s what the correlations show, and they show it beyond a reasonable doubt. Change the laws and more will live; keep them, and more children die. That’s not an emotional statement; it’s merely a descriptive one. It’s not a complaint—or really, any longer, a cry of pain. It’s not even a commentary. It’s just a certainty.

A great piece, via my pal Alex.

Daniel Hoffman

I just learned of the passing of the poet Daniel Hoffman.  I never had the pleasure of studying with him, but I did have the pleasure of attending and photographing a Kelly Writers House Alumni event featuring him and several of his former students.  It was one of the best KWH events I got to attend during my time there.  If you’d like to listen, there’s a recording of it available here.

Are You Watching Nathan For You? →

Devin Faraci asks the title question, and it’s a good one.  Nathan For You is the best new show on television this year.  You should check it out.

An Alternative To Allergy Shots →

As someone who receives allergy shots, maybe this only appeals to me.  I don’t even mind shots (but frequently cross paths with clammy adults or screaming children) but I like the simplicity of this.

Too Much Camo →

Paul Lukas writes about the worst trend in baseball: the camo treatment for American holidays.

To Catch A Thief →

Jeff Hu threw a party, and someone stole his camera during it.  But he set out to find it:

The officers were very nice, I was able to explain the situation succinctly and shared my plan with them in getting the camera back. I think the officers were slightly taken aback at how well prepared and detailed I was, so they just went along with my sting operation plan as if I had been just another seasoned cop.

Great story.

Forecast →

Maybe you’ve noticed, but the Midwest has seen its fair share of snow storms these past few months.  Since I live here, and even went on a big road trip at one point, I’ve had to do a lot of planning around storms lately.  And the one thing that was dreadful about such planning was visiting weather web sites: they’re all ugly, difficult to use, and seemingly hiding the very information I want to find.

But today, I read about the new site Forecast, and liked what I saw.  It’s a simple and direct interface.  There’s an ad, but it’s small and tucked away.  There are no videos, or big headlines about storms you didn’t even know had names.

Just the facts you want and need.  Check it out.

The Barry Bonds of Butt Dialing →

The Wall Street Journal‘s Brian Costa reports from Spring Training on “The King of the Accidental Phone Call”:

A few years ago, while doubling as the Mets’ assistant traveling secretary, Horwitz would often try to email players’ flight itineraries to an administrative assistant in the general manager’s office. The assistant was a woman named Dianne, but when Horwitz typed in the D, he would inadvertently email third baseman David Wright instead.

Wright was too polite to tell Horwitz, so he became a sort of liaison between Horwitz and the woman. “I would just forward the emails to her and say, ‘Hey, here’s another one from Jay,'” Wright said. “The whole thing’s been going on for years. People are just now starting to learn about how, uh, different he is.”

For someone who must remain in constant contact with Mets players and executives, the butt dialing has complicated things a bit. Many players now refuse to answer Horwitz’s calls unless he sends a text message saying it is really him.

While I love a good LOLMETS story, the best are as charming as this one.

Punk’d →

Joe Hagan wrote about Matt Lauer and the Today show for New York Magazine.  There are a bunch of odd anecdotes in this piece, like:

When Lauer and Today producers tried to “punk” the rest of the cast one morning in 2011—sending them to a fake magazine photo shoot where the photographer had a meltdown and started firing all his assistants—Curry was infuriated with Lauer and retreated to her dressing room. Roker, her longtime friend, was sent to comfort her.


When Robin Roberts left Good Morning America a month later to get treatment for MDS, Curry asked NBC if she could tweet a note of sympathy for the ABC co-host. NBC said no, afraid she was trying to aid the enemy.

Morning TV is weird.  That’s all I’ve got.

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