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Via my brother, Olivia Solon at Ars Technica writes about London’s underground “Mail Rail.”

New from Thought Brochure — Jay Leno’s internal monologue while hooking up:

Oh boy. Here we go again. I’m about to clarify the definition of ‘is’. I’m about to have sexual relations with a hipster. Have you heard about these people? They’re like the cast of Revenge of The Nerds on the set of Friends. This girl looks like someone beat up Urkle in a janitors closet and stole his clothes to sneak into a rock and roll music concert. Alright Jay, don’t blow this. This isn’t one of your cars. This is a real girl with feelings and a body and not just something to bang and leave in the garage. But she’s all revved up, maybe I should leave her in the garage! Hah, come on folks! We’re having fun here.

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Slate‘s Phil Plait writes about a ridiculous Louisiana law:

In 2008, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the “Louisiana Science Education Act” into law. This Orwellian-named bit of legislation was an outrageous attempt to allow creationism to be taught in schools. Jindal has essentially admitted as much.

Outrageous, yes. Damaging to the state, yes. Unconstitutional, absolutely. But it passed.

It just withstood the third potential repeal.

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A trailer for Noah Baumbach’s next film.

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