Poetry, by Google Voice

In December of 2012, I received a voicemail at my Google Voice number — it was not meant for me, and the text translation that Google provided was hilarious garbage. I thought I might post it on the web, but when I did some searching for where to send it, I found dozens of web sites posting Google Voice “poetry.”*

I wasn’t looking to help anyone beat a dead horse, so I didn’t send the garbled translation anywhere. But I did get to thinking: what if I read actual poems to Google Voice, and then posted the translations to the web? Poetry, by Google Voice was born.

Here’s the first entry. I’ve since read several poems, received dozens of calls from friends, and also fed recordings of celebrities reading poems to Google Voice.

The site is intermittently updated. In short, I post when I receive calls. If you’d like to contribute, find a poem to read and call us at 215-821-7461.

* Hilariously, if you run this same search now, my site is the top hit!