At Deadspin, Greg Howard writes about how great it’s been to watch the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team play under new coach Jürgen Klinsmann:

Jürgen Klinsmann came in promising something different from the team we’ve seen for decades, and we finally saw it—for the first time in what feels like forever, the Americans were an attacking team. In every single match, the United States dominated possession, playing forward-moving, free-flowing soccer against lesser opponents. They pinned other teams back into their own half, and either scored at will, or wore teams down until the breakthrough finally came. It was beautiful and weird to watch.

I’ve always loved following the USMNT, but it certainly was a slog at times in the past. The past few months have certainly been different and fun, and I can’t wait for a larger audience to see the team at the World Cup next year.