Kenneth Goldsmith (a former professor of mine, and one of the best I ever had) wrote something for The Awl that, like most of his work, manages to be fascinating, funny and deep:

I am a dumb writer, perhaps one of the dumbest that’s ever lived. Whenever I have an idea, I question myself whether it is sufficiently dumb. I ask myself, is it possible that this, in any way, could be considered smart? If the answer is no, I proceed. I don’t write anything new or original. I copy pre-existing texts and move information from one place to another. A child could do what I do, but wouldn’t dare to for fear of being called stupid.

Kenny’s on a roll lately. He just wrapped up a year as the Poet Laureate at the Museum of Modern Art, and just last night appeared on The Colbert Report to talk about his new book.