At The Philly Post, Gail Shister writes about her experiences as one of the first female sports reporters:

I was totally alone. Virtually none of the sports guys spoke to me, except columnists Bill Lyon and the late Frank Dolson, both gentleman of the old school. Because the sports department was a dank man cave that was physically isolated from the newsroom, I didn’t meet another female reporter or editor for a full six months.

This is a great piece, written as a sort of accompaniment to ESPN’s Let Them Wear Towels documentary. I’m still astounded that the locker room interview occurs: it’s not even a question of women belonging or not (because, duh, of course they belong), but simply a matter of “Can’t we all wait until everyone’s dressed and able to speak in a more public and comfortable space?”

Perhaps this will be an easier transition as print newspaper deadlines become a thing of the past (because, well, print newspapers are becoming a thing of the past).