At Sports on Earth, Will Leitch explains why baseball games are too long … and need to remain that way:

Look: This is supposed to be thought through. It’s part of the experience. Baseball is not something we want turned into speed chess. The little dramas add up and sometimes make the games longer than a casual observer might prefer, but to say that nothing is happening, to say that it’s all meaningless is either to fail to understand those nuances or to purposely ignore them for the sake of cheap rhetoric.

I agree. Every time I try to think of ways to make baseball games shorter, I get a headache. The last thing I’d want to see is a manager and ump arguing over whether a player was taking too much time to adjust his batting gloves after each pitch. That’d be more annoying than the actual act of adjusting one’s batting gloves.

I watched the game in question, and actually enjoyed it. Of course, I’m on Central time and a night owl, but simply seeing a lot of new players occupy a tired rivalry made it refreshing.