The Phillies stink this year.  If you follow Major League Baseball, you’re probably aware of this.  As a huge Phillies fan, this should bother me.  And if it continues for years and years, it will probably get old.  But for now, I actually kind of like it.

Bad baseball is great baseball.  You can laugh at, or with, bad baseball.  You can turn off bad baseball and walk away, although you don’t do so as much as you’d think.  

When your baseball team is mostly bad, you learn to love the things that are rarely good.  Dom Brown, for example, had a torrid month of May for the Phillies.  He’s long been expected to be a key player for the team, a player with All-Star potential.  And this year, he’s finally come into his own, it seems.  I’ve loved it, and try to watch all of his at-bats.  His talent is not so good or boundless or consistent to save this team from itself, but that makes it all the more interesting to watch.  Instead of expecting — or worse, needing — him to excel every time he comes to the plate, I can let him surprise me.

Indeed, the best part about bad baseball is not having to worry about good baseball turning bad.  It’s happened.  The good years were good, but they’re done.  And the dirty secret about the good years is that you spend most of them wondering when things will get worse.

I always dreaded that day, but as it turns out, it’s not as bad as I thought.  Go Phils.