Will Leitch wrote about the return of Arrested Development for New York Magazine:

As an Arrested Development obsessive, I remember watching those last four episodes in an attic in suburban Ohio, while everyone else in the house watched the pageantry in Turin like normal people. There was no Hulu, no Twitter, no compendium of episode recaps to scour in the morning. I just saw Ron Howard, who had been the show’s invisible narrator, actually appear and, playing himself, say the show’s last line—that tantalizing and self-mocking “Maybe a movie.” Then it was over, like it had never happened. It was an ignominious and, of course, entirely apt finish. Arrested Develop­ment, the story of possibly the most dysfunctional family ever produced by American wealth, was replaced on the Fox schedule by Skating With Celebrities, a fate so bizarre and perfect it sounds like something the show would have come up with on its own.

This paragraph, and piece as a whole, reminded me of many moments when I had to seek out very specific arrangements in order to watch the show.  In that way, it was certainly the last of its kind, at least for me: the type of show that needed to be watched live, not simply because of its quality, but because there were no guarantees of easily finding it afterwards.