Jonah Keri wrote a good piece for Grantland about the sad decline of Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay:

The end can be merciless, especially for pitchers. One day you toe the rubber and find you can’t crack 90 anymore. You’re throwing meatballs, and the other team is teeing off. Finally, mercifully, skipper takes the slow walk out to get you. You look back at the scoreboard and see a big, fat nine staring back. Your shoulder is shooting waves of pain through your body. Years and years at the top of your game, and the top of the league, all washed away with one excruciating beatdown.

While it feels greedy to lament my team not winning a World Series since 2008, I do so solely for Doc.  He was amazing to watch, and I’ll still hold out hope that he returns down the line with some softer stuff that manages to beguile hitters.  If he leaves the game without a ring, that’ll be a shame.  Unfortunately, such an outcome looks likely today.