Kotaku’s Owen Good writes about a Tecmo Super Bowl competition in Madison, Wisconsin:

Winning three games of Tecmo Super Bowl in a field drawn entirely from your peer group doesn’t sound like an unreasonable goal. But we’re not talking about beating your little brother. Most in Tecmo Madison’s field are only nominally gamers. Tecmo Super Bowl is the only thing they play, either on emulators, or on Nintendo Entertainment Systems hooked to old tube TVs. And old tube TVs are the only way to properly play Tecmo Super Bowl today because, even though you can connect an original Nintendo Entertainment System to a modern flat-panel TV, if you do there’s an input lag that totally throws off the game. So one of this tournament’s biggest hassles is finding more than two dozen old TVs.

You either get it or you don’t.  And if you get it, you’re like me and probably thought you could do well in this competition.  (But we wouldn’t, of course.)