Over at The Verge, Ellis Hamburger wonders if Google Glass will just drown us in data.

While Jordan’s examples are 100 percent “tech demos,” his keynote serves as lens as to how Google sees the utility of Glass aside from taking photos, looking up words, and getting directions. There’s no doubt that Glass apps will allow a fine degree of customization for how and when notifications arrive, but so do iPhone and Android apps. The trouble is, most of us choose to ignore these settings and face a steady barrage of notifications for emails, Twitter mentions, and a dozen other apps. Since Glass is on your face, these notifications will be even more disruptive. “This isn’t innovative!” one audience member exclaimed during a Q&A session following Jordan’s talk. He said, “I don’t want to post more social network crap!” The audience roared in approval.

I simply wonder how long it will take Google to start throwing ads into these glasses.