Hot saucerman

IFC renewed Comedy Bang Bang for a second season today.  This is great news.  Scott Aukerman’s show (an adaptation of his podcast of the same name) was my favorite thing to debut on television last year.

Comedy Bang Bang is a collision between a sketch show and a talk show.  Aukerman invites on guests playing twisted versions of themselves (Jon Hamm, Adam Scott, etc.) or characters real and imagined (Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, Scott’s father-in-law Bob Ducca, etc.).  In the process, Scott and his guests wind up perverting all of the trappings of a talk show because of their often strict adherence to them.

It was fitting, then, that the show’s stellar first season wrapped up with an episode essentially collapsing in on itself.  If it hadn’t been renewed, Comedy Bang Bang still would have made an impression.  I have no doubt its legend would have grown over the years, but I’m glad that Aukerman and Co. will get a chance to build on that legend with at least 20 more episodes.