A group of CUNY adjuncts added language to their syllabi describing what exactly an adjunct is:

Adjuncts are not regular members of the faculty; we are paid an hourly rate for time spent in the classroom. We are not paid to advise students, grade papers, or prepare materials or lectures for class. We are paid for one office hour per week for all of the classes we teach. We are not paid to communicate with students outside of class or write letters of recommendation. Out of dedication to our students, adjuncts regularly perform such tasks, but it is essentially volunteer labor.

When I started adjuncting, I was told to have my students address me as Professor Carroll.  And while I was given some good reasons to do this — the biggest benefit being to teach the students how to treat and address their instructors throughout their time as college students — we were also simply being asked to trick our students.  We pretended to be and provide something we weren’t and did not have.